Asylum law

General information

The area of asylum law includes competence for all asylum applicants living in the administrative district of North-West Mecklenburg, individuals entitled to asylum, (or) other politically-persecuted individuals, in addition to all foreigners to whom a stay is or is not to be granted or extended for humanitarian reasons grounded in international law, or for political reasons.
It is a point of principle that applications for asylum are received and processed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.
You can obtain more information on the Federal Office's website

Permit to leave

For asylum applicants here, and for foreign citizens with an identity-documentation requirement, based in the administrative district of North-West Mecklenburg, the stay in Germany is restricted to the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Applications to temporarily leave the area of the authorised stay must be submitted in person to the public office for non-residents' affairs. You will obtain the application form from your shared accommodation facility or on the upper part of this page: see Forms.

Work permit

The question of whether a work permit is issued depends on the length of the stay and on the active-participation requirement being fulfilled. The individual case is checked at the public office for non-residents' affairs, with the participation of the Federal Employment Agency.

Project Network - Work for Refugees

There is the possibility to take part in the project named Work for Refugees: this applies if the relevant foreigner has been in possession of a residence permit for a year, and no decision has yet been reached about the asylum application. Likewise, holders of a "tolerance permit" (Duldung), (as defined in asylum-law) and with no ban on employment, have the possibility to take part in this project if the statutory prerequisites are met. You can find further information at: Network for Work

Active-participation requirement

Fulfilling the active-participation requirement means undertaking all actions that it is reasonable to require of the relevant individual to serve the purpose of determining the individual's identity and also of clarifying other facts/subject-matter. It is a fundamental principle that each foreigner has an obligation to possess a passport.

Advice units

For advice on matters relating to non-residents' affairs, an organisation in Gadebusch is available: the Wismar district association of a consultation service for workers' wellbeing and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern welfare and social authority (Beratungsdienst Migration der Arbeiterwohlfahrt des Kreisverbandes Wismar und des Diakonischen Werkes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e. V.). For consultations at the advice-unit offices, we kindly ask that you make contact to arrange an appointment.


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