Administrative head of the district

Kerstin Weiss, administrative head of the district [(c): LK NWM]
Kerstin Weiss, administrative head of the district [(c): LK NWM]

On 9 July 2014, Kerstin Weiss was appointed by North-West Mecklenburg's District Assembly as its Administrative Head. This places her at the top of North-West Mecklenburg District's administration for the next seven years.

The administrative head of the district manages the administration of the district and represents it externally. She was directly elected for a seven-year term by the residents of the administrative district, running its affairs within the the remit entrusted to her, on her own responsibility and independently of the district assembly (Kreistag).

Landrat (m.) / Landrätin (f.) - in German, the same term as is used for the administrative head of a district (such as this one) is also used for the district's public body, the body by which the administrative district acts within its defined jurisdiction. The administrative head of the district has two deputies, who are simultaneously each respectively managing their own specialist area of the district administration, as an assigned team member; each acts on an ongoing basis as representative of the administrative head of the district.

In one selected area, this public body of the district operates directly as a "lower-level state administrative authority", that is to say a lower-level public authority acting on behalf of the higher-level federal-state authority. This relates to the supervision over the civil parishes belonging to the district and to the municipal corporations.

Personal and professional path of development

  • born on 09.07.1965 in Boltenhagen
  • 2 children (aged 27 and 19 years)
  • 1984 - 89 Course of study leading to the "Graduate Teacher" qualification
  • 1989 - 90 Further studies, with a focus on research
  • Further vocational training, accompanying her professional activities, as a "State-Recognised Social Educational Worker"
  • Active in the District Assembly from February 1991, firstly in the Office for Youth Affairs, then as Head of the Specialist Service for Education and Culture
  • Starting in 2008, 2nd Deputy of the District Administrative Head and, as a councillor, Head of the Specialist Office for Youth, Education, Social Affairs and Health, plus  the municipal part of job-centre operations

Voluntary offices - politics

  • 1997 - 2004 Mayor of Dassow
  • 1999 - 2004 Head of Dassow town administration
  • 1993 - 2008 Member of Dassow town representative body

Office of the administrative head of the district

In the first instance, the office of the administrative head of the district coordinates the administrative head's concerns and areas of competence; it also provides support to her in managing the administration, and in processing citizens' issues and concerns and also matters raised by the district assembly (Kreistag).

Press office and editorial unit on Internet content

The press office informs the public, via the media, on tasks, decisions and current affairs being dealt with by the administration and by the district assembly. This office is the point of contact for the press and responds to journalists' enquiries made to the district administrative authority.

The editorial unit on Internet content coordinates the entire Internet presence of the administrative district of North-West Mecklenburg. It is responsible for the provision, maintenance and updating of interesting contributions to topics, on the administrative district's website.